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Item ID: 218331

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MASK BLANKS, ShinEtsu /Hoya, Lithography Mask Materials

MASK BLANKS, ShinEtsu /Hoya, Lithography Mask Materials

Mixed Lot  427 Pieces.

See Extended Description for details .










Supplier DescriptionMask Blank Material DescriptionTotal Pieces
05W0GBM3ShinEtsu W0G Opaque MoSi On Glass Engineering Grade30
05A6RC5FBM3ShinEtsu C5F Chrome MA6R MoSi Phase Shift Engineering Grade15
03W4F1702BMEShinEtsu W4F Opaque MoSi On Glass With Factory Resist Coated SEBN1702 Engineering Grade 2
05AYC5F3013BM3ShinEtsu C5F Chrome MA6Y MoSi Phase Shift With Factory Resist Coated SEBN3013 Engineering Grade6
05A6YC5F2014BM3Engineering Grade12
02A6YC5F2014BMG SEBN2014 Product Grade18
02W9F3015BMFShinEtsu W9F Opaque MoSi On Glass With Factory Resist Coated SEBN3015 Product Grade 10
02W9FBMFProduct Grade20
05W9F3015BM3SEBN3015 Engineering Grade 4
02W9F5024BMFSEBP5024 Product Grade 6
SXQ-6025-2S-NTAR7Hoya NTAR7 Chrome On Glass Engineering Grade5
SXI-6025-1T-NTARKHoya NTARK Chrome On Glass Engneering Grade30
05W4BM3ShinEtsu W4 MoSi On Glass Engineering Grade45
KSL6025E051BShinEtsu Quartz Production Grade Blanks25
03W0GBMEShinEtsu W0G MoSi On Glass Product Grade20
SIQ-6025-2S-AR8Hoya AR8 Chrome On Glass Product Grade40
SIQ-6025-2S-AR8-THMR-IP3600UHoya AR8 Chrome On Glass With Factory Resist Coated IP3600 Product Grade48
AXQ-6025-2S-K63A-AR8Hoya AR8 Chrome K63A MoSi Phase Shift Product Grade35
SXQ-6025-1T-NTARKHoya NTARK Chrome On Glass Product Grade21
 SXQ-6025-2S-AR8-FEP171UHoya AR8 Chrome On Glass With Factory Resist Coated FEP Product Grade35


MASK BLANKS, ShinEtsu /Hoya, Lithography Mask Materials

Location: Burlington, Vermont, United States
Unit Price Inquire
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer ShinEtsu
Description Mixed Lot Mask Blanks
Extended Description  Details at Mask Blanks.pdf

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