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Picosun, Sunale R-200, Advanced ALD Reactor, 200mm

Picosun, Sunale R-200, Advanced ALD Reactor, 200mm

Configured with three canisters and chemicals to deposit Ni, HfO, Ru and SiO, Al

Gases plumbed to the tool
  1. Nitrogen
  2. Oxygen
  3. Argon
  4. Hydrogen
  5. Amonia
ALD chemical
  1. Trimethylaluminum
  2. Hafnium Tetrachloride 
  3. Bis(cyclopentadienyl) Nickel (II)
  4. Bis(ethylcyclpentadienyl) Ruthenium (II)


SUNALETM R-200 Advanced ALD System
The ALD reactor has six separate inlets for precursor sources. It can accommodate up to twelve precursor sources. Maximum deposition temperature of the ALD reactor is 500 °C.

 Vacuum chamber (AISI304)

AISI 304 stainless steel vessel with KF/CF connection flanges for RC-200 reaction chamber.

Reaction Chamber (AISI316L)
RC-200 Chamber and lid with metal sealing surface. Customer specified chamber size up to 8”single Si wafer or smaller wafers (4”, 6”) and pieces

Sample holder SH-200
Substrate holder for one up to 8” wafer or smaller wafers (4”, 6”) and pieces compatible with reaction chamber

Advanced source control and electronics system
Touch panel PC and electronics cabinet used for operating the ALD reactor with Advanced 12-source ALD software and electronics

PicosolutionTM 600 source system

Cooled source systems for high vapor pressure liquid precursors (e.g. for TMA, TiCl4 and H2O). Maximum capacity 600mL. 3ea.

Boosted PicohotTM 200 source system

Heated source systems (up to 200 °C) for low vapor pressure metal precursors (e.g. for TEMAHf, TEMAZr). Suitable also for high vapor pressure chemicals.  2ea.

PicohotTM 300 source system

Heated source system (up to 300 °C) for low vapor pressure metal precursors (e.g. for HfCl4, ZrCl4).  1ea.

PicogasesTM Connection

Allows for the connection of an additional externally supplied compressed gas for use as an ALD precursor (e.g. NH3, O2). Includes plumbing, valves, and control of extra gas source.

SCADA application software revision: 2.00
PLC application software revision: 2.02


Tool ID: CON015376

Picosun, Sunale R-200, Advanced ALD Reactor, 200mm
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Location: East Fishkill, New York, United States
Unit Price Inquire
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Picosun
Model Sunale R-200
Description Advanced ALD Reactor
Year of Manufacture 2013

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