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Elymat III 

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in Metrology Equipment

GeMeTec, Elymat III, 300mm, Electrolytical Metal Analysis Tool:

GeMeTec, Elymat III, 300mm, Electrolytical Metal Analysis Tool

The ELYMAT-technique (ElectrolyticalMetal Analysis Tool) determines the lifetime of the minority carriers and diffusion length.  A laser beam scans across a silicon wafer immersed in an electrolytic cell (dilute HF) with an applied voltage and the resulting diffusion current is measured.  The extraction of the current takes place on the wafer backside (BPC-mode) or on the wafer front side (FPC-mode).

In the case of lattice defects in the semiconductor bulk material (e.g., metal contamination), the diffusion current decreases due to partial recombination of the diffusing carriers.  Therefore, an approximate analytic determination of the diffusion length can be carried out basing on this so-called photocurrent.  Using both measurement modes, BPC and FPC, provides supplementary information on whether the contamination is present near the surface or whether it is distributed homogeneously throughout the wafer bulk material.  Furthermore, applying lasers with different penetration depths can in principle separate the influence of surface and bulk recombination.  Measuring at different laser intensities allows major contaminants such as iron to be identified.  This is known as Injection Level Spectroscopy (ILS).

Measurement Precision -Diffusion length:  5% over 10 repeated measurements

Measurement Accuracy -Diffusion length:  10% compared with similar techniques.

1 Inquire F* East Fishkill, New York, United States



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in Test, Analysis and Measurement Equipment

GEMETEC, Gas Analyzer, 300mm:

Status: Bagged and Skidded

1 Inquire Taichung, Taichung City, Taiwan

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