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Feb 19 196827


AT 850 

List all items of this typeOptical Inspection - Other

in Microscopes, Optical Inspection

1 Inquire N* East Fishkill, New York, United States
ASML AT-850, 300mm, KrF 248nm Scanner:


ASML AT-850D, 300mm, KrF 248nm Scanner, 

S/N : m5946

Known Tool Issues:
Currently power off with Lens gas flowing, tool had issue with illumination rack that will require replacement.  The tool currently has all of the parts present, but they have not necessarily been calibrated or setup with the tool being off.  Laser has 104.5 Billion pulses on it.  Components were good when shutdown.
The Beam steering hardware in not functional, and the ACC needs an heat exchanger installed


Tool ID: GB03

Feb 14 196765


2300 Exelan Flex 

List all items of this typePlasma Processing Equipment and Tools - Other

in Wafer Fabrication Equipment

1 Inquire N* Taichung, Taichung City, Taiwan
LAM, 2300 Exelan Flex, 300mm, Oxide Etcher:
LAM, 2300 Exelan Flex, 300mm, Oxide Etcher


Parts Missing:
qty. 1 Flex45 Chamber
qty. 1 Flex45 Chamber
qty. 1 Flex45 Chamber
qty. 1 LAM2300 ATM Robot o-ring
qty. 1 RING,HE,38X ESC,RND,300M

Feb 13 196716

Tokyo Electron Ltd  

Alpha 8  

List all items of this typeVertical LPCVD Furnaces

in Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment

1 Inquire N* Burlington, Vermont, United States
TEL Alpha 8, Nitride Furnace:
TEL Alpha 8, Nitride Furnace
Feb 12 196697


DV-602 C.V. 

List all items of this typeStandalone Sputterers

in Laboratory Equipment

1 Inquire F*N* Burlington, Vermont, United States
Denton Vacuum, Evaporator DV-602 C.V., 200mm, :
Denton Vacuum, Evaporator DV-602 C.V., 200mm, 


(2/2018) It was working when it was shut off a few months ago.  It's currently "cold", disconnected and stored in a location a few feet from where it
was installed.  It's complete, has not gone thru any kind of decon, and there are no xtra parts.  There was a slight oil leak at the pump when it was 
shut off.

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